These are the finalists of the 2014 Kurt Goedel Research Prize Fellowships Competition.

In Logical Foundations of Mathematics category:

Yong Cheng: Exploring the HOD Conjecture
Arno Pauly: The descriptive theory of represented spaces
Marcin Sabok: Classification: in search of groups
Sam Sanders: The road less travelled towards Hilbert's program

In Logical Foundations of Computer Science category:

Sicun Gao: Descriptive Control Theory
Cameron Hill: Category, measure and discrete mathematics
Ori Lahav: Tractable Automated Reasoning: Theory and Applications
Matteo Mio: Quantitative Modal Logics

In Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence category:

Alessandro Abate: Reconciling inductive and deductive reasoning for uncertainty quantification and propagation
Vaishak Belle: Pushing the Frontiers of Cognitive Robotics: Degrees of Belief, Continuous Domains and Beyond
Gianluigi Greco: Collective Behavior in Social Environments: Models and Complexity
Sebastian Rudolph: Toward a Grand Unified Theory of Decidability in Logic-Based Knowledge Representation

The winners: Marcin Sabok, Matteo Mio and Gianluigi Greco will be awarded Kurt Goedel Fellowships gold medals designed by the Austrian Mint at the special Vienna Summer of Logic Award Ceremony on July 17, 2014. The Kurt Goedel Society thanks all the participants and congratulates the winners!